Traditionally in Child Psychiatry, the Social Worker worked with the parents whilst the Child Psychiatrist saw the child. The Child Psychiatric Social Workers used their casework skills and Freudian Psychoanalytic theory to develop the treatment known as Parent Work. They divided this into Child-centred Parent Work and Parent-centred Work. When the more straight forward and logical interventions of Child-centred Parent Work were unsuccessful or unable to be implemented by the parent(s), then Parent-centred Parent Work investigated the gains for the parent(s) in the child's symptom and why it persevered. When this work was done, often the child's symptom disappeared. Developments in Lacanian psychoanalytic theory, Family Therapy and the work of Maud Mannoni have enhanced this almost forgotten speciality. It is often effective in the most severe cases.

This seminar has had CPE Accreditation and is open to all health professionals.

This training course will address Assessment, Formulation, Feedback and Treatment.

Day 1 Assessment of Children & Families Covers Assessment, Formulation & Treatment.

Day 2 Parent-centred Parent Work Covers Parent Assessment, Formulation & Parent-Centred Parent Work.

You can attend either day or both.

Facilitator: Ron Ingram

Cost: 1 Day $250, 2 Days $450

Venue: Inner-city Melbourne

Further Details: To be advised

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