Are you parenting the way you would like to parent?

Parenting is the most difficult job which most people are not prepared for. When a problem arises, there is not always a clear-cut solution. Sometimes a few tips or strategies can resolve a problem. However, some problems can become entrenched.

Parenting is not taught & parents usually learn from their experience of being parented. This often involves repeating mistakes made by your parents. You then feel guilty that you have done what you swore you would never do to your child. Alternatively, you do the opposite of what your parents did, but that doesn’t work either. Some children are easy to parent, others are a challenge.

The Parent Work that I do with parents helps them to parent more effectively. When parent effectiveness strategies don’t work, it is important to examine family history & relationships. Sometimes the child & parents are caught up in repeating negative cycles. I have been counselling parents, counselling children & practising Family Therapy in Melbourne for over 30 years. I work in a non-judgemental way & believe that parents are doing the best they can with the histories they have. My work is based in the Psychoanalytic theory of Freud & Lacan, Family Therapy & the Parent Work of Maud Mannoni. I also work with Individuals, Couples & Families.

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