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Is your family dysfunctional?

Sometimes families get stuck, repeating the same patterns & negative cycles over generations. I work with families to help each member identify what is a problem for them in their family. They can then negotiate the changes they would like in their family. We then work towards implementing those changes. This may involve redefining roles, making communications direct & clear, breaking free from rigid structures.

To solve problems effectively feelings need to be owned & expressed, & limits set. Sometimes problems & patterns of the previous generation are brought into the family & enacted anew. Old rivalries & conflicts can be repeated with different participants. Exploring family heritage & traditions can be helpful & rewarding. Once problems are resolved, members often feel a greater sense of belonging; respecting & treating each other better.

I have been working with families in Melbourne for over 30 years & recently in Daylesford as well. I work in a non-judgemental way & believe that family members are doing the best they can with the histories they have. My work is based in the Psychoanalytic theory of Freud & Lacan, the Family Therapy theory of Ackerman & Haley & the Parent Work of Maud Mannoni. I also work with Individuals, Couples & Parents.

To discuss a referral, call me on (03) 9820-1712.

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